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Some silly and fun ideas – London escorts


When I first came to Britain, I found that British gents seem to have some silly and fun ideas. During my two years here at London escorts, I have been asked to dress up on numerous occasions. The other week I had a birthday date with a man who wanted me to dress up as Snow White. Apparently, he has seen some kinky movie about Snow White and the seven dwarfs. Well, I had never heard anything like it, but I do know that my fellow London escorts get unusual requests. Perhaps it is all part of working for London escorts services.

People really do the strangest things, laughs Lavender from London escorts. What you read in the papers in this country never seizes to amaze me. Yes, we have so-called rags in Poland as well, but I have never heard such wild stores before. The other day I read about a guy who had sex with sheep. It all seemed really strange to me, but he was in court for being cruel to animals. I told some other Polish girls who work here at London escorts, and they could not believe in neither. But, it certainly sounds like it is true. He is in court after all, giggles Lavender. I like all of my gents who ask me to dress up. They are all harmless, and I have never met a nasty gent working for London escorts. When I worked back in Poland, I had some dates who were less nice, but it has never happened here. Every single gent who has come through my door at. You do get the odd strange request but most of them are harmless. If, it is something that I don’t like. I simply tell the agency owner and they deal with the problem.

Well, I am so glad that I don’t have any gents who are into animals. I still find the story really hard to believe and I wonder if it is true. We have to see what happens with the court case. It is after all the RSPCA prosecuting the guy, so I think it is for real, giggles Lavender. To me, it just seems so strange and I have emailed the link to my family in Poland. Hopefully, it will give them a good laugh! Working for London escorts can at times be a really unusual experience. One-on-one dating is still the most popular kind of date, but we do other things as well. In Poland I was never asked for dinner dates or birthday party dates, but we do get asked out a lot here. That is what I really like about London escorts, it is such a varied job and the guys we meet are fun. They like their London escorts as much as we like them. My favorite dates are birthday party dates as the gent normally arranges for several escorts, it gives me a chance to catch up with my friends as well.

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Finding the soulmate of your life

Attracting a mate can seem to be quite perplexing, especially if you’ve been looking for that “special someone” for a long time. There are many things you can do to attract someone, such as wearing a certain color or an enticing fragrance. This is a great way to find out if you in fact have some kind of connection. But is it the key to finding your soulmate? Asked, by the girls from Chingford Escorts of

When you first meet someone, you do your best to impress them. You may wear the most attractive color—at least according to what the “specialists” say. A man that wears blue is a great catch for a long term relationship. A woman that wears peach is most approachable. If either sex was to wear yellow-green, it’s considered a turn-off. Color taste is as individual as the fragrances we wear. It is suggested if we want to attract a member of the opposite sex, we should wear a vanilla/cinnamon scent.

There are certain body languages that let someone know you’re interested in them. It’s in the way you look at each other, a light touch on the arm, and ever so subtly moving into each other’s personal space. These are sure-fire indicators that you’re interested in each other—but it doesn’t mean you’ll be soulmates.

Your connection to your soulmate comes from within. It’s important that you yourself are happy and enjoying life. You can’t be happy with someone else if you’re not. Live from your soul. Let your inner self out. Believe in love. When you believe in love, you’ll attract someone else who believes in it also. Soulmates main connections come from within said by the girls from Chingford Escorts. While colors and scents help to attract others, the main connection can’t be bought or worn.

When you find your soulmate, you will know. Soulmates connect on every level. When you meet them, you feel drawn to each other immediately. As time passes by, your love will grow stronger. You’re supportive of each other in every way possible, but yet still have your individuality. Being with that individual can give you a sense of happiness and serenity whenever you’re with them. Being with your soulmate can help you see the beauty of the world through the sometimes harsh reality of it.

We never know when we’ll meet our soulmate. It may be on an online dating site, at the store, or at the park. But when we do, we’ll know it’s been well worth the wait.

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I must admit that I am really into dating petite escorts

I never used to be but recently something has come over me that makes me crave petite escorts. Of course, find petite girls is not that easy these days, but I have found that there are some escorts services in London who are much more likely to be able to help you than others. I am afraid that if you want to date petite ladies, you really do need to be prepared to pay a bit extra but I don’t mind doing that at all to get the kind of dating experience that I am looking for to meet with my personal needs.

When you want to find the best petite escorts like in London, you really do need to check out VIP and elite escorts services. There are a few of those across London, but most of them are located in central areas. I am aware that there are other escorts services in London that claim to have petites, and they are often towards the outskirts of London, but I have not had a satisfactory date at any of these escorts services. Sticking to elite and VIP escorts services is by far your better option.

Mayfair girls do make some of the best petite escorts in London. There are a couple of agencies in and around Mayfair that have delightful petite escorts that I seriously enjoy spending some time with. A couple of the girls at one Mayfair escort services that I use a lot are my favorite go to petite ladies here in London. The two ladies that I am thinking about have given me some really exciting experiences and I don’t think that I am about to change anything about them at all. They are really hot.

Also, if you are looking for petite escorts, you may want to check out Kensington. The girls who work as escorts in Kensington are some of the best escorts in London, and I enjoy their company in London. The petite girls here are good as well but I don’t find them that playful when compared to the girls in Mayfair. But, if my girls in Mayfair are too busy, I do often change this around and arrange a date with the ladies in Kensington. After all, it can be fun with a slightly different adventure from time to time.

Petite escorts are becoming more “in” I have been told. The only problem is that most females are a lot bigger these days and that is not easy for gents like me. If petite girls are becoming more popular it would explain why it is so hard to get a date. I often find that I have to plan a few days ahead. It is not a hardship as such but I do find it a bit of an annoyance on occasion. I do think that escorts services around London have focused a lot on duo dating and stuff like that. Really they need to check out what is becoming to become trendy and get prepared for it, I am not so sure that they are doing that so well.

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